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Cherry Affaire

A cherry pink paneled skirt connected with bodice through heavy embellished belt and ruffled sleeves. Completed with embellished motif stoler.
Rs 125,000 Rs 100,000
20% Off


An eye-catching sea green silk open jacket with boot cut pants and pleated cuffed sleeves completed with embellished motif on neckline and belt to finish the look
Shirt length: 51 Front depth: 8.6

Rs 60,000 Rs 48,000
20% Off

Holy Grail

A statement nude pink, lehnga ruffled saree with heavy embellished deep neck infinity blouse to complete the look.
Blouse Length: According to the size
Skirt Length: 48

Rs 125,000 Rs 100,000
20% Off


A powder pink pure satan silk high slit drape dress with a coul neckline and embellished motif completed with fringe and tassel on the belt.
Shirt length: 60 one side off shoulder

Rs 65,000 Rs 52,000
20% Off

Midnight Ebony

A stunning black silk pants saree with an eye-catching sequence jacket finished with feathers on the shoulders.
Jacket Length: 20
Pants Length: 36
Blouse: Bustier

Rs 90,000 Rs 72,000
20% Off

Jade Kaftan

A head-turning silk jade kaftan with tasseled sleeves and a heavy embellished motif for neck.
Shirt length: 58 one side off shoulder

Rs 60,000 Rs 48,000
20% Off

Blue Mist

A powder blue silk jumpsuit with coul neckline and embelised motif on side of the neck.
Jumpsuit length: 62

Rs 55,000 Rs 44,000

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